‘An attempt towards individualized Curriculum’

We believe in the uniqueness and individuality of every child, hence we work on personalized curriculum principles for our children. The personalized curriculum design looks after the different needs of different children; enabling every child to realize his/her highest potential in varied aspects of life and development. The integrated teaching-learning approach at Uma Rana aims at the overall development of the children; helping them to have a holistic view and understanding of the world around them and their own individual selves.


Learning Center Approach in the early years Uma Rana School has introduced the innovative concept of Learning Centers in the Early Years to facilitate the process of learning by doing. We believe in imparting learning in a stress-free atmosphere where a child grows as an independent and competent child. We have adapted a very unique approach “Learning Center Approach” for the students of Nursery & K.G. Various learning centers like Literacy, Numeracy, Hop and Toss, Science allow children to explore and apply newly learnt skills independently. Exclusively equipped centers include a clear understanding of the objective, simple directions, easy accessible materials, and if possible, ways for students to self evaluate their work. Our students transit from one center to another where a specialized teacher imparts teaching through internationally accepted teaching methodologies. The concept learning is related to life and made fun with interesting and challenging activities. Technology is extensively used as a learning tool at Uma Rana. Every classroom is equipped with ‘smart class program’ which supplements the teaching with appropriate learning modules. Added to this is flexible and mobile furniture that can be modified to suit individual requirements. Instructional gadgets & varied instructional approach Our learning centers are well equipped with latest technical gadgets and progressive materials to provide multi-sensory input as children learn differently. Different sensory inputs provide stimulus to the different faculties (cognitive, motor and socio-emotional) of development.

Focus on understanding and application

Every topic is taught in a manner that stimulates the multiple senses of the children, resulting in better understanding and retention of content. We do not believe in ‘Learning in vacuum’. Young children especially from Kindergarten till grades 5 to 6 learn effectively by doing. But at the same time, we maintain high standards in academics.


At the Junior School level, we focus on the development of oral as well as written expression, creative writing, critical thinking and mathematical skills. With this aim in mind, we send weekly Journal prompts in English, Math and Hindi. Critical thinking is encouraged through various thinking skill activities. The following subjects are formally introduced at this level- • English • Hindi • Math • International Primary Curriculum/ GES • Computer Science • Art & Craft • Physical Education • Science (Grade 5) The teaching-learning process at this level is interactive and conscious effort is made to integrate subjects, thus helping children to move from the known and explore the unknown. We believe that learning is the most important event in our school and we want children to enjoy the learning that takes place through International primary curriculum as it gives a new dimension to learning.


Learning becomes more formal with further diversification of subjects - Science into Biology, Physics & Chemistry, Mathematics into Algebra, Geometry & Arithmetic, Social Studies into History, Civics, Geography, and Disaster Management & Economics. We also offer a choice between Sanskrit/Hindi as II Language in Gr. 9. At this stage we follow the syllabus prescribed by CBSE. Streams at 10+2 level are Commerce, Non-Medical, Medical and Humanities. Smart Class modules, group work, group discussions, interaction, experimentation, project work, dramatization, power point presentations are the tools used to facilitate the teaching - learning process at Senior School level.


The school has adopted a world-class comprehensive technology providing teaching solution with world-class teaching resources to aid teachers with animations, clips, and pictures from a vast repository. Teachers use these resources right inside the classroom using display devices such as Plasma and networked computers to teach their subjects. These computers are connected to the knowledge centre where teachers can select and see the resources before they use it in classroom teaching. It enables students to acquire a faster and better understanding of the concepts taught. The smart class programme is designed by a dedicated team of computer professionals and a team of expert teachers of different subjects who design it at the curriculum research centre. Teachers are also encouraged to create their own resources in the form of presentations, which are also made a part of smart learning of students. The smart class programme has really made classroom teaching a smart way of learning. Every Classroom- “A unique learning Community, A place where every body knows your name” Uma Rana works on international standards of school education, therefore the teacher-student ratio are also kept low. Every classroom is a small unique learning community, where the teacher is accessible and just like a parent who knows his/her totality with all their strengths and weaknesses. The close intimacy between the children and the teacher is conducive for a healthy teaching-learning environment.

Admission Procedure

• Students seeking admission in any class at Uma Rana Public School can enquire through e-mail/telephone/visit to school and procure admission brochure.
• The student thus selected shall be required to pay the fee within stipulated time at the respective counter at school.
• The parent is required to submit a copy of the application form and affix his/her recent passport size colour photograph alongwith other documents as mentioned in the application form mentioning details of payment of school fee.
• Students so selected is required to pay the school fee as mentioned in the admission brochure within three days of selection, failing which the selection would automatically stand cancelled.
• The school fee is payable quarterly. Any delay in payment of school fee by due date shall invite late fee of •50/- per day upto 6 days and thereafter •100/-upto 14 days. In case fee in not paid by 14th day of the due date, the name of the students will be struck off from school rolls. This may necessitate readmission, if permitted, after payment of re-admission charges amounting to 2500/-
• Admission shall be provisional till all documents are submitted at school office and found in order.
• The student/parent shall be liable for any wrong information leading to cancellation of admission. All fee/dues paid shall be forfeited.
List of Documents to be Brought at the Time of Admission

1. 6 passport size colour photographs.
2. 1 passport size photograph of each parent.
3. Address proof (photocopy of the ration card)
4. Original report card of last year.
5. Original birth certificate.
6. Transfer Certificate.