Uma Rana Public School is the only school in India which has a British Football Academy (Southall Football Club UK). The kids here are trained by UEFA licensed British Coach Tommy Taylor. The main purpose of this academy is to encourage students of our school towards this sport by providing them quality training and skills under the best coaches and faculty. By participating in these activities students will be able to discover their interests, enjoy learning more about the activities and the skills required for these activities and, at the same time, they will make friends and have fun. The school has detailed preparation and planning in sports, a competitive and challenging environment. We offer a variety of sports in school that meet the needs of various athletes of all age level and skill level. The Uma Rana Public School has a strong reputation for sport and there is a demanding and growing fixture list, with depth in teams, backed up by extensive playing fields and facilities. The majority of students flourish in school or house teams, while some progress to district, state and national level.

Chankya, Dhanvantri, Sarabhai & Sushrut.

The school is divided into four houses so that there is a healthy competition between students in every sphere of academic and non-academic activities. Whether it is writing, oration, sports, dance or singing, the children take every event in the school as a challenge, a challenge which only helps them to sharpen their skills. Competitions are held at the inter-house level in sports and other activities on a regular basis between the four houses namely: Chankya, Dhanvantri, Sarabhai, Sushrut. The academic calendar has been planned in such a way, that while adhering to the CBSE curriculum, there is a perfect balance between studies and extra-curricular activities which makes learning fun. Thus, the four houses were curiously and innovatively named Chankya, Dhanvantri, Sarabhai, Sushrut after a careful deliberation. The names of the houses are symbolic of triumph of strategy and design, working together to ensure success. While the identities lend the houses an interesting face, they differentiate them as well, and catapult them to a higher league. The names and mnemonics embrace the best and most recognised characteristics of studentship, education and future realities. They capture the spirit and aspirations of the new and emerging ideas. The look and feel extends beyond the classrooms into the grounds and the whole atmosphere. Every student is seen to be taking the house name proudly along with himself/herself giving them a sense of belongingness to the school as well as a feeling of loyalty and patriotism towards their house. Overall, the idea is to take Uma Rana Public School and the four houses to new horizons and the new mnemonics and identities achieve them with ease.

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