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Our Kindergarten program nurtures Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts

Lord's International School

In our Kindergarten program, your child builds upon previous learning, including emergent reading, writing and math skills within small group instruction. Here are some of the engaging programs and activities that promote social, emotional, physical, cognitive, creative and character development, so your child is prepared to take on elementary school and beyond.


Yogita Sharma, Co-Ordinator



wSchool's goal is to develop students academically, physically, emotionally, and socially while enabling them to realize their full potential. Knowing that all students can achieve, Eveleth-Gilbert faculty, coaches and staff will teach, inspire, motivate and empower our students to become integral members and leaders of society. We create a learning environment that nurtures success for all. When students graduate from URPS, they will go with the highest possible awareness of themselves, their abilities and their potential for future growth


Mr. Beant Singh, Principal



The subjects included in science stream are as mentioned. • Physics • Chemistry • Biology • Mathematics • Computer Science If you want to study medical sciences in graduation, you have to keep Biology as one of the main subjects. Those who are interested in studying engineering; Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will be the three main subjects. Both medical science and engineering are competitive fields. Every year, a large number of aspirants apply for getting enrolled in the top engineering and medical colleges. So, how can you grab a seat in a big institution? The answer is simple. It is brilliant scores. If you wish to take up any of these subjects as your area of specialization in graduation and post-graduation courses, you have to work hard to achieve high grades in that particular subject in class 12 board exams and also, overall.


Mr. Shiv Kumar, Head of Science Department

Arts/Humanities Stream

Social Science Department in URPS Per One Month

The subjects included in arts/humanities stream are as mentioned. • Political Science • Punjabi • Economics • Computer Science • Physical Education With specialisation in humanities, you will come across ample career options. You may choose to become an historian, geologist, psychologist, sociologist or economist depending on your choice of subject at college and University level. With graduation in Philosophy or Sanskrit, you may opt for a teaching job in private or public schools while a master’s degree in the same will help you qualify for the post of Lecturer at colleges and universities. Journalism is a popular career option amongst students having a good base in English language. With a bachelor’s degree in English followed by a degree in Journalism course, you can land up a news correspondent’s job in print or digital media.


Ms. Mandeep Cheema


Primary Section

At URPS we value the contribution every child brings to our school which makes our school a happy and harmonious place to learn and work. Learning is our core purpose and we champion learning within a safe school environment where people are helpful, considerate and respectful of each other. Positive relationships and attitudes are very important to create a cohesive community between our children, parents and staff. In the Primary section we are lifelong learners and a culture exists in which learning together becomes an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for all. We are preparing children to be active participants in an inquiry based learning process, to develop their thinking skills and to be independent learners. The framework for our curriculum is the Primary Years


Ms. Shallu Sharma

Commerce Stream

Commerce Department in URPS

The subjects included in commerce stream are as mentioned. • Accountancy • Economics • Business Studies • Mathematics Majority of commerce students after acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, pursue master’s degree in business administration, popularly known as MBA, CA or Chartered Accountancy degree or Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA degree. There are many students who prepare for banking jobs after graduation.


Richard Remus, Teacher