Unique study plans and tutors

Set on a beautiful campus, we offer the advantages of a seamless education from Kindergarten to Year 12. We emphasise a strong culture of learning and the wellbeing of our students. Our students benefit from blending primary and secondary school cultures for learning in the classroom, and in Sport.

  • Focus on target
  • Advanced learning
  • Focus on succes

Well equipped class rooms

Quality education is an essential requisite in today’s competitive environment. Technology has affected us in every aspect. The concept of digitized classroom has not only made education interesting but a chance to students to enhance their performance.

  • Interactive
  • Wifi area
  • Computers

Qualified Teachers for better education

Teachers at Uma Rana Public School are well qualified, as the students grow the teachers play a very important role in shaping the students future.Teachers here serve the students by instructing and guiding countless students through the different stages of their growth.

  • Honored staff
  • Faster learning
  • Certifications

Activity center

In the present method of teaching, more emphasis is laid on an all round development of each child instead of emphasising only on the academic aspect only. The planning of the school building and the playground has been taken together to coordinate with the need of study and play. The school is well equipped with a football ground, volleyball and a basketball court and facilities for other games.

  • Sports
  • Fun activities

Great Campus structure

Every part of the school has been adapted to the child's needs so that the fullest possible contribution can be made by the building it as an instrument of education.

  • Conference hall
  • Library
  • Canteen

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